C-SERMS Platform

The CARICOM Energy Policy and the C-SERMS recognize the need for, and provide the basis to develop, a coordinated Regional approach to the reduction in energy intensity and increased use of indigenous renewable energy resources within CARICOM. In order to facilitate the coordination of planning among the multiplicity of Regional actors, the C-SERMS Platform was proposed. The Platform is intended to serve as a framework for the multi stakeholder engagement that is necessary to support, where appropriate, regular communication and coordination meetings, which will facilitate the promotion of information sharing, knowledge exchange and collaboration towards the attainment of the C-SERMS targets and objectives.

The CSERMS Platform provides an organizational framework for integrated planning among key actors including: the development partner community; financial services sector; academic institutions, civil society; national and regional policy-makers, as well as institutions of the Community.

The major conduits for stakeholder input within the C-SERMS Platform reside within the Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), viz.:

C-SERMS Platform

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